KAP is a self taught, Bronx, NY native multi media artist whose alias stands for Knowledge Acquires Power. As a media and film enthusiast, his passion for photography naturally developed while growing up. From the very beginning, KAP correlated the jungles he watched on National Geographic and translated that to concrete jungle he was surrounded by which later set the tone for his photography. He accredits his inspiration to Film, Music , Art , and his up bringing in New York . His passion for oceans and the environment has inspired him to lend his cinematic talents to marine activism through film. He aims to create socially conscious documentaries bringing awareness to marine conservation.

Gaining a broader prospective from serving as a U.S Navy Sailor, KAP established his vision upon his return home to the Bronx. KAP Shots media is a revolutionary and inclusive media company which is founded upon diverse perspectives. KAP draws inspiration from the diversity of his community and the world outside the Bronx. His photographic style delivers global perspective as he offers a vision which showcases his understanding of the world around him. In a photo-documentary approach, his recent work merges the parallels between the rawness of New York and the purity of the world he envisions. His unique photographic approach lends itself to urban still life, urban cityscapes, and musical artist photography. KAP specializes in live music shows, editorial, special events and lifestyle photography as well as shooting and directing music videos and film.